Realtor Information

Neighborhood Information

This information is being provided as a guideline for potential buyers/sellers considering moving in to Crown Oaks. Please check with our management company for the most up-to-date information.


Crown Oaks is a gated acreage community situated in the beautiful rolling hills of Montgomery County. Residents enjoy many community events throughout the year, lakes, parks, and hardwood trees in this natural country setting that is just minutes from Conroe and The Woodlands.

Crown Oaks consists of 663 lots ranging from 1 acre to 5 acres. Most lots already have residences constructed, with a few remaining unimproved lots. The Crown Oaks community has approximately 15 miles of private roads and there are two entrances to the community. The primary entrance is located off of Honea Egypt Road, approximately halfway between Highway 105 to the north and FM 1488 to the south. The secondary entrance is located off of Collier Cemetery Road, just south of FM 2854. There are two large parks located in the neighborhood, as well two large community lakes (Majestic Lake and Crown Oaks). There are also a number of smaller ponds for use by the residences surrounding those bodies of water.

Current Annual Dues

$1,450 per lot/year
Up to 3 adjoining lots may be consolidated into a singular lot for purposes of annual fee assessment.

Deed Restrictions

Crown Oaks is comprised of 4 Sections (I РIV), each with their own set of deed restrictions. Copies of the current restrictions can be found here.

Realtor Sign Policy

One professionally made realtor sign, not more than 768 square inches, advertising a residence or lot for sale or rent, may be placed on the lot.

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