Use this form to report areas within the neighborhood that are in need of landscaping attention. Does the grass need to be mowed along your street? Are there flowers that need replacing in one of the islands at the front or back gate? Are the parks in need of some landscaping attention?

Please be aware that the current landscaping contract calls for the average grass height to be maintained at 8 inches or below. (meaning the avaerage grass height must be in excess of 8″ to be in violation – not instances of various faster-growing grass specimens in an area). Also please note that the landscaping requirement only calls for the areas along the sides of the road to be mowed – to the inner side (property owner side) of the ditches. Areas beyond the ditch are the duty of the homeonwer to maintain. Please do not report areas that are compliant with these contract specifications.

Landscaping Report Form

Maximum file size: 516MB

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